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Volunteer Opportunities

In recent years we have already welcomed a lot of volunteers. These people have been interested in our way of life, in permaculture or simply because they wanted to work in the garden with their hands in the earth. If this sounds like you, contact us and we will discuss when and how we can help each other!

By 2015, we set up an association to work together with volunteers and share our crops. It is an association that is committed to permaculture in the broadest sense of the word. Of course our vegetable garden is being processed according to the permaculture principles. But also restoring agriculture falls below. Already several hectares are decorated with many fruit trees, bushes and edible plants.
But also think about the application of clean energy, ecological construction and much more.

We work with wwoof.fr Through this organization you can also join us.

Ton & Mirella Kodden

Domaine Les Gonies

46700 Mauroux


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